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One piece 991 spoilers

The title is -------------------> let me die

At the end, there is a line saying to kaido, "let me die" as a samurai of oden.

1-Luffy says he's okay with Drake's allies, but Zorro, Jinbe, and Franky stop Drake by saying no.

2- Page One and ulti attack the Straw Hat gang, but Usopp and Nami drew attention and attracted attention.

3- Drake is being blocked by Zorro, but Afu comes into sight and attacks with him. We unite and establish a common front against Afu.

4- Jack fell. kaidogana island. Cut Inu Neko here.

5- Kaido breathes at the Akazaya samurai, and Kinemon blocks it with a flame-slicing sword.

6- End with the same line as the title.